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Expanding Innovation Space For the Child

Making New Things Happen




In making innovation happen, different strategies have been adopted in several scenarios and these have certainly led to specific positive changes.  To create more enriching life experiences for children, innovation spaces could be pivotal in bringing about dramatic turnarounds in different fields of endeavor for the next generation of leaders.  The key is that new-innovation labs inspire kids to think big.  Thinking big is the major magic for change, change that redirects opportunities and procedures.


A worthy example of such initiatives is the Tech for Global Good Innovation Labs, which provides a deep learning opportunity for students on field trips and drop-in participants on weekdays.  Creating a new-innovation leadership is the next major stop for the next generation.  Taking the lead in reshaping and reengineering the future is very vital if we must address several multiple global challenges.  We need spaces for young people to create and re-create things and challenge the existing status quo.  These kinds of spaces create equal opportunity for all kids to build, grow and display talent.


At the Tech for Good Innovation Labs, students collaboratively design an inclusive playground for students who may not be able to physically join in all situations.  Here, Lab participants first draft their concepts on a paper Panoform grid, then snap a picture of the grid with a phone and use an app to convert this 2D image into a virtual reality environment.  Students use VR goggles to look around their virtual playground, which helps them see their designs more fully as they iterate new versions.  All these get students thinking about how they can change things around them to be more inclusive.


We can create all of the best curricula and formulate authentic situations, but how much easier would it be if learning could happen inside of spaces that were specifically designed to see education differently?


Every child deserves the opportunity to explore how things work in an environment that supports that kind of learning – the focus should be on helping students to see education differently.


Let’s make it happen now!!



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