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Christmas Time At The Vatican




Long before the season of Christmas arrives, the erecting of the Vatican Christmas tree as well as the life-size nativity scene (the size of a two-storey house) is unveiled on Christmas Eve in Saint Peter’s Square. 


It was in 1982 during the pontificate of Pope John Paul 11 that the Polish-born Pope introduced the northern European symbol of Christmas spirit.  The tradition of erecting a Christmas tree was celebrated in northern Europe and in Poland, yet until this time, never in the Vatican.


The first tree came from Italy.  Since then, the offering of the Christmas tree to the Pope has become an honor, and each year the Vatican accepts a tree donated by a different European country or region and is left standing until the end of January.


The nativity scene has 17 life-size statues.  Of these, nine are the original figures donated in 1842 by Saint Vincent Pallottifor.  The nativity scene in the Roman church of Sant’Andrea della Valle and the other eight figures were added over the course of the years.  In 2006 the Italian province of Trentino and the local council of a village of Tesero provided a further 13 sculpted wooden figures and animals as well as household utensils for the depiction of daily life.


Together with Nativity scenes and Christmas trees, there are so many more exciting happenings going on.


  A full diary of papal liturgical events is prepared for the Pope.


  After the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, the Pope makes his    traditional address at the foot of the Spanish Steps, next to a statue of Our Lady.


  The Holy Father makes an Advent pastoral visit as the Bishop of Rome.


In addition to the public events, the Pope celebrates Christmas privately with the members of his papal household.  “We celebrate Christmas together, listen to holiday music, and exchange gifts,” the Pope has said.


If you plan a trip to Rome for Christmas, make your reservations well in advance.



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