Vogue – The setting is ostensibly a photo studio in midtown Manhattan—though it could just as well be an arrivals terminal at JFK. Adut Akech, the gorgeous, gap-toothed South Sudanese–Australian model, has just arrived, carry-on in tow, after a 30-hour flight from her hometown of Adelaide. French model and engineering student Mariam de Vinzelle is nestled on the sofa, her head buried in a pile of textbooks as she studies for the classes she’ll take in Paris later in the week. Above the hum of hairdryers, models Jill Kortleve and Imaan Hammam—both transplants to New York from the Netherlands—can be heard chatting in Dutch. “Where else can you walk into a place and find people from all over the world?” observes Kaia Gerber—one of the only American models in the room. “If you put a pin on a globe for every model, the whole thing would just light up.”…

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