Harper’s Bazaar – I always question myself about the things I do and the mean- ing they convey. The show and the representation of fashion play a very important role for me. This time, I wanted to give a very good look at fashion, and I felt the more and more persistent need to vivisect the powerful ritual of the show. I tried to interrogate the urgency it transmits that pushes us to take part as we might in a religious act or an ancient ritual. I felt like showing the inside mechanisms but also the vibrant emotions that are usually inaccessible from the outside. The community of disciples who, like me, chose to work in fashion, had to take center stage, and I thought that was possible by reversing perspective. It was a very powerful moment for me. It made me feel a deep connection with the reasons behind a choice through the celebration of such a strong ritual. The staging is something ancestral, a desire of self-investigation…

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