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A US woman who began a trading challenge with a hairpin has said she won’t stop until she has traded up to a house.

Police investigating reports of a “large apex predator” on the loose in a small town have told locals not to have kittens about it.

Iceland is marketing itself as the “perfect place to let your frustrations out” as it channels the power of “scream therapy”.

When is 200 metres not 200 metres? When US sprinter Noah Lyles runs it, apparently.

German engineering company Festo has created robotic birds capable of amazingly realistic flight.

An exotic frog has been discovered in a bunch of bananas after making a 5,000-mile journey from Colombia to south Wales.

A nine-month-old puppy had an emergency operation after swallowing a 10-inch stick half the length of its body.

An online campaign has been launched to stop a beloved bear from being trapped and relocated.

A 50-mile-wide swarm of flying ants has been making its way over the UK – and it’s so huge that it has been spotted from...

A parliamentary committee was joined by an unexpected guest during one of its hearings – an MP’s cat.

A “vampire-slaying kit” containing a pocket-sized pistol and a 19th century copy of the New Testament is going under the hammer.

An Australian trucker managed to fight off a highly venomous snake while doing 70mph along a busy road.

Allotment holders in South Wales got the shock of their life when they discovered a 6ft (1.8-metre) boa constrictor among their vegetables.