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…Reflecting the ultimate in luxury, elegance and lifestyle.

Everything you want to know about power, the world of business and politics, travel, corporate governance, the best of photography, the rich and the famous, health, humor and entertaining articles – all choreographed in lavishly, illustrated publications.

The fascination of our 39+ million readers with the world of intellectual power, is matched only by the magnetic attraction of our photo-driven issues.

Prominent columnists and feature writers worldwide are continually alerted to embrace the coverage of the major developments and triumphs we feel the world would want to experience via great journalism.

There’s a fascinating twist to JO LEE and it is this all-encompassing dichotomy driving its success. All advertising revenue {no salaries} is placed into The ADESTE Academy – for the advancement of higher education for African Students. The Unsung Heroes – experiencing possibilities undreamed of.

The publication takes you on a ride boasting its digitized readership from corner to corner of the world.

In short, JO LEE stands for “180 degrees from ordinary”.

The encore? The brainchild of JO LEE is founder and publisher: Josephina Lea Mascioli-Mansell: known to all as – Jo Lee.

Founder, Chairman, Editor-in-Chief:  Josephina Lee Mascioli Mansell
President & CEO:  Nino A. Mascioli
Executive Vice President & CTO:  John Black
Executive Vice President Creative:  Jason Chipman Howlett

Backer:  Marisa Gallagher
Worldwide Marketing Advisor:  Ann Graham
Chief Executive Consultant:  Maureen O’Mahoney

Director Social Media & Technology: Lucia Mancuso;
Special Assignment: Bette Laderoute;
Executive Director Communications: Alastair J. Harris-Cartwright;
Co-Director Audience Relations: Alex Ni, Carla Piccotti;
News Curators: Ruth Ayson, Jacqualine Corbett-Coles, Amir Harun, Emma Kadatuan, Julie Mascioli, Marnie Mascioli, Juneanne Pratt, Kevin Wailoo, Charles Xiangfeng;
Executive Online Producer: Danilo Navas;
Photo Stylist Director: Sandra Fabria


Gene Arceri: The Provocative & Challenging World Of Arceri;
Kerry Baker: Kerry Baker & You;
Monte S. Bell: La Grande Finale;
Susan Berger: The Group Of 16;
Alan Briskin: Sensing The Unseen;
Dr. Andrea Buckett: You Are What You Ate;
Stanley J. Dorst: Pros & Ex.Cons;
Carla Dragnea: Editor At Large;
Kelechi Eleanya: When Angels Cry;
Lois M. Gordon: Yes, Virginia!;
Brian Hanington: Seizing Power;
John Paul Jarvis: I’ve Always Been Nuts;
Dr. Saul Levine: Double Entendre;
Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen: Pizzazz;
Ray Scotty Morris: L’Occhio – The Eye;
Dr. Margaret R. O’Keeffe Umanzio: The Poet’s Corner;
Mark Raynes Roberts: The Raynes Report;
H. Gail Regan: The Marvelous Maverick;
Julie Rekai Rickerd: The Private Museums;
Sally Anne Reisner: The Poet’s Corner;
Vera Resnik: The Poet’s Corner;
Craig Ricker: The Digital Divide;
Dr. James T. Rutka: Synaptic Transmission;
Heide Van Doren Betz: The Rich & The Famous;